Education is not Schooling

Just like the saying goes ‘‘No nation can rise above the quality of her education’’, the level and quality of the education of a country goes a long way in the progress of such country. In light of this, the highest a man can attain will be equivalent to the knowledge he has gotten during the course of time. This is to say that the success of a country is traceable to the quality of education in the country; good leaders, good governance, good management, good economic, all has a direct link to the type of education and not schooling in the country. 

While many people interpret education as schooling and considering that schools are one of the best ways to communicate knowledge to an individual, education is solely different from schooling. You could be schooling and still be an ignoramus if you fail to acquire what is needful. Simply put, what a child becomes is partly dependent on the level of impact of the teachers; whether good or bad. What you get in school is exposure, knowledge, skill and judgement for a specific purpose. However, the process that accompanies those knowledge, skills and all acquired is what we call the Education. And this is because the process carries along with it discipline, sacrifice, interest, willingness, readiness, etc., to mention a few. 

Education is gotten through a process of doing something. And that is why it can either come formally or informally. As a matter of fact, knowing that information can be gotten from anywhere and anyone, self-education is possible. Of course, when we talk about education, the focus is always on schools. But what happens to homes, social media and societal gatherings as well? We are exposed to information of various kinds. So, the process that comes with getting and applying information correctly at a time is Education. 

Education is beyond schooling. Self-development is also a form of education because it comes with a process as well. So, when talking about investing in education, you are investing in people, promoting the quality of information gotten, ensuring that the information and knowledge given out is well utilized, and providing facilities that help ensure growth and development of the society. Remember that we are long gone ahead of the era of ‘‘Information is Power’’ but have moved to the era of ‘‘Applied Information is Power.’’ 

So, if you have the privilege to be in school, embrace the process and not just the schooling. And if you are not privileged to go to school, invest in your education with the right information even as you engage in other informal form of learning. Not all those schooling are educated and not all those not schooling are uneducated. The choice to invest in your education is solely up to you. There is no reason for ignorance. When you are well informed and equipped with the right skills, you can contribute to your life, society and make a better nation.