Press Release: Foundation To Organize Fitness Session for Educators, the First in Nigeria

Edu Revamp Africa Foundation is organizing a 3-hour fitness session for all stakeholders in the education sector.

The session which will bring together stakeholders across the education sector is aimed at helping the stakeholders keep on track physically and mentally.

EduRAF believes that teaching although rewarding, is a very taskful activity which can cause stress and anxiety if not properly managed. Hence, the need for Educators keep fit to help stakeholders refresh their mind and relieve them of all the session’s stress, while also preparing them for the new session.

The session loaded with varieties will showcase top Lagos fitness trainers in action, taking different sessions. The popular dance trainer,  Kaffy, will be opening the training session to charge the atmosphere.

The fitness session is tagged “Educators keep fit” and is billed to hold on  Saturday, 7th September, 2019, 7am at the indoor Sports Centre Complex of the University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos State.