Digital Literacy Academy

Your pathway to digital literacy as an educator.

It took us 31 months to study trainee teachers curriculum in 29 universities across the continent to understand the problem of the high-level disconnection among teachers, education leaders and educators in general from a changing world. We set out to combat this with the best approach possible.

And We Found What Works!
In the education world right now, everyone is talking about all things digital – digital curriculum, digital literacy, digital learning and teaching. It is safe to say the digital world is here to stay and will continue to permeate every aspect of our lives, education being no exception. 

Our digital literacy program is position to ensure every educator is grounded in both pedagogical competence as well as the requisite soft and technical skills required to educate the twenty-first century learner by ensuring educators first cultivate twenty-first century competencies including problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and interpersonal skills before going technical. We do this with an intensive training, workshops and partnership with higher institutions that award education certificates and diplomas. Some of our academy curriculum modules includes:

Instructional Feedback, Monitoring Performance and Assessment Using Technology
⦁ Transitioning from the classroom to the Virtual Environment
⦁ The Role Technology in Education
⦁ Social Technologies in Education
⦁ Game-based Learning
⦁ Open Content in Virtual Education
⦁ Mind Mapping
⦁ Online Collaboration
⦁ Curation
⦁ Screencasting
⦁ Flipped Learning
⦁ Digital Assessment
⦁ Basic Podcasting
⦁ Microsoft for Education
⦁ Google for Education
⦁ Video Creation for Dummies
And our faculty members are the best in the continent.