EdTech Summit

What works in education and technology.

Through Edugist, we work every day to tell the stories of what works. At our EdTech Summit, which is most times regional, we bring those stories to light, hearing from educators and researchers sharing research-informed and evidence-based models and practices that work.
As education is being historically disrupted with blended learning, flipped classroom, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, quantum computing, and virtual learning communities, Africa’s education sector still struggles with basic computer appreciation which ought to change. We partner with global technology, edtech companies and regional government to organize Edtech summit to show educators the new world and what really works at the intersection of education and technology.

At EdTech Summit, we work with participants to answer these questions:
⦁ Can we modify some of these disruption for our immediate communities?
⦁ What worked?
⦁ It is equitable and scalable?
⦁ How do I make it work?
⦁ Is it affordable and can we improvise?