Teachers Conference

Showcase of pedagogy, tools, inspiration & insights for teachers.

Equipping teachers with the skills, knowledge and tools to drive change and improve standards in a language they’ll understand and engage with.

At Edu Revamp Africa, we reckon education is arguably the most important continental investment over the long-term. Quality education impacts nation building, and society’s capacity to adapt, create value, and innovate. Education is key to human flourishing, the celebration of our cultural roots and values, the appreciation of diversity, and the preservation of peace and harmony. One thing is evident, teacher quality is a major anchoring factor in the success of education performance across Africa.

The complexities of the twenty-first century, with the promises and potential perils of globalization and the exponential growth of disruptive technologies, have challenged basic ideas of what makes an “effective teacher”. Yet these complexities have also created unanticipated opportunities for learning to be enhanced, amplified and democratized. Teachers, who have often been isolated in their classrooms, can become active participants in shaping the future of innovation through education. But who will give African teachers these opportunities? Our teachers’ conferences do. We take the conferences to different communities to bridge pedagogy and education disruption for the new world.